The Fizzy Thme is a theme I built initially for this personal blog. The philosophy is to build something minimal without losing the taste for blogging.

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The Ghost version is open-sourced on Github. The latest Gridea version is currently not available online. The theme itself is inspired by many fantastic themes and websites. It is also powered by several wonderful open-source packages.

Hope you will like it too.

Project Page:


Download the latest release and upload the zip file at your Ghost admin > Setting > Design.


  • i18n (help translate it)
  • Showcase (carousel + 2 featured post)
  • Internal tags (carousel, no index)
  • Custom Templates (tag archive, post archive, full width, post with TOC)
  • Comment System (gitalk, DISQUS)
  • Programmer Friengly (Code Highlight)
  • Table of Content
  • Math Friendly (LaTeX support)
  • Instant Search NEW
  • Other Components (custom navigation, badge...)




  • Bulma - CSS Framework
  • Prismjs - A lightweight syntax highlighter
  • JQuery - A well-known JavaSript library (for tocify only now)
  • jQuery.tocify.js - Table of Content generator (also JQuery-UI)
  • KaTeX - A fast LaTeX equation rendering library. (since v0.3.0)
  • Gitalk - A Github issued based comment system (since v0.3.0)
  • ghost-search - An instant search library using Ghost Content API (since v1.0.0)


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This project is licensed under the MIT Licens