For statistical analysis, we usually use stargazer package in R to generate tables with regression analysis results.

In order to put those tables into our report, we need to output it in .tex or .html file format. To do so, we need to specify this in the R command:

# use stargazer package

# build linear models
fit1 <- lm(Y ~ x1) 
fit2 <- lm(Y ~ x1+x2+x3)

# output stargazer table
stargazer(fit1, fit2, omit=c("var"), 
          align=TRUE, type = "text", = TRUE, 
          title = "Table X", out = "path/fit.tex")

# you can specify the out file extension with html or tex

We can also change the type = "text" to type = "latex"or remove the type property, the tex code will be print to the console of R. Please also see the package documentation for details: stargazer.pdf.